Touched by students

Recently, my tuition students have been writing testimonials for me and my lessons. So many of them made me feel like there’s nothing else I want to do except to teach, mentor and touch lives. One of them wrote this testimonial and I nearly teared when I read it:

I’ve known Mr See since 2006, as he was my history teacher in Temasek Academy (Temasek Junior College). Given the already good impression I had of him, I pounced upon this opportunity of being a student at his tuition centre and I’ve never regretted my choice. His fiery passion and deep interest in education has made him what I would call a modern day polymath – very rare individuals who are well versed with knowledge ranging from the humanities to the math and the sciences. His sensitivity and appreciation of the world’s art and culture has allowed him to approach the topics he tutors me (H2 History and GP) with the much needed nuance that most teachers I encounter lack. His insightful (sharpened from his overseas education at Oxford), has made lessons much more value added and free from the chains of repetition and mediocrity. Above all, his professionalism and clever genius is masked by his genuinely affable personality that resonates both within his public and private spheres. In every lesson, his unique approach towards the facilitated mastery of subject content helps us students appreciate and understand the complexities of various topics. My most memorable experience would be when Mr See took out a lego chess board to help the class understand a particular complexity of history or when he made the study of the Cold War so easy to comprehend. Currently, I’m J2 and he has my thanks for helping me improve my GP score, from an E grade in the J1 mid year, to a C grade at my promotional exams. I’m still a freshie at his history class, but I have the firm faith in his abilities to help me achieve an A grade. In my eyes, he is God’s gift to the struggling students in JCs.

Given his young age and mindblowing smarts, he can be liken to good wine, that gets better with age.


~ by irwin on May 31, 2010.

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