Makes me Laugh

Recently, I noticed something interesting whenever I ask my female friends about what they look for in a potential boyfriend. Among the answers (“He must be tall, dark, handsome. Rich, funny, charming”), there will invariably be one answer that says: “He must make me laugh”.

I always wonder if it is that difficult to find someone who makes you laugh, or why having someone make you laugh is so important. And then I started to discover how true it is, even from a very young age! As I observe Elizabeth, I realize that the people who makes her laugh are the ones whom she allows to carry and feed her. And for those who don’t, they won’t even stand a chance! Funny huh?


~ by irwin on May 13, 2011.

One Response to “Makes me Laugh”

  1. but basically must b at peace n glad being w the person even if is absolute silence I feel. 

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