What is the nature of the society that we live in?

With my JC2 GP classes, I have recently started a series of lessons on the Nature of Modern Society. I feel that it is important for them to know how to engage issues of these nature – abstract, philosophical and fuzzy as they are. Issues such as postmodernism, materialism, authenticity, mobility, a culture of excess and lack, superficiality, objectivity etc. But when I started preparing notes for my students, I realized that it is going to be difficult to discuss them as these issues are quite disparate and sometimes disjointed. So after racking my brains, I thought of formulating my lessons using a picture! (as always =) I am going to use the picture of a guy and discuss the different aspects of modern society using different parts of a person’s anatomy. So this is the picture I came up with that will guide us in our following lessons:

Here are the different aspects we will be examining (in case the print in the picture is too small):

Aspect #1: What is the prevailing zeitgeist?

Aspect #2: Think, think, think

Aspect #3: To walk by faith or by sight?

Aspect #4: Media bombardment

Aspect #5: Is beauty only skin-deep?

Aspect #6: May the words of my mouth…

Aspect #7: Whatever life brings…

Aspect #8: Guard your heart

Aspect #9: Fear not!

Aspect #10: What do we have in our hands?

Aspect #11: Faster, yet faster

Aspect #12: The world is your oyster

Can you guess what issues we will be discussing for each of these 12 aspects?


~ by irwin on May 15, 2011.

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