Step #2: God and ‘good’

After God had created the heavens and the earth, it is mentioned throughout Genesis 1 (7 times) that God saw that his creations were good. Now you have to understand that I was just teaching my GP students not to use the word ‘good’ in their essays because the word tends to be too general and vague. So I reminded them that they have to note the context of using the word ‘good’ and be more specific in their usage: so if you are talking about ‘good’ in terms of proficiency, you should use ‘skilled’, ‘proficient, ‘adept, instead; if you are using ‘good’ in terms of  experience, you could use ‘pleasing’ or ‘lovely’ and so forth.

But when I read through Genesis 1 with the word ‘good’ keeps popping up, I realize that I couldn’t replace ‘good’ because in this context, it encapsulates so many connotations and meanings that makes it so overwhelming. In terms of handiwork, it was good; in terms of beauty, it was good; in terms of morality, it was good; indeed in all aspects, God’s creations were good and perfect in the beginning. Or maybe there is one word I could use in place of ‘good’, and that is: awesome!


~ by irwin on June 8, 2011.

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