Step #5: “Get in the ark, it’s gonna rain…here come the animals, two by two!”

So I have reached one of my fav stories in the Bible: Noah’s Ark (who doesn’t love this story? =) Somehow I realized that Noah’s Ark always features in children’s bible storybooks and playthings. Look, my niece has an ark toy too, like this!

On the last day of the Men’s Breakthrough Weekend, Elder Barney said that God gave him a verse in the morning before his message. This was Genesis 7:16, where it says that after Noah and his family had entered the ark with all the animals, “the LORD shut him in”. I thought this was an interesting verse, but what was more surprising was that Elder Barney did not go on to talk about this verse in his message at all. But I know that the verse spoke something to me about God sealing my decisions that I made over the weekend. For me, this wonderful fact from the story of Noah illustrates the twin truths of man’s responsibility and God’s sovereignty working together. We need to enter the ark, and after which, the Lord will keep us safe with His hand.


~ by irwin on June 18, 2011.

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