What would you utter on your deathbed?

In line with my last post on top five regrets people have on their deathbeds, I was reminded of a list I saw somewhere before of famous (and some funny!) last words people uttered on their deathbeds. Here are some which are witty, sad and even thought-provoking. I have also inserted some of my thoughts in italics:

At the deathbed, 1940, by Sámal Joensen Mikines

1.”Pardon me, sir. I did not do it on purpose.”

Said by: Queen Marie Antoinette after she accidentally stepped on the foot of her executioner as she went to the guillotine. (It’s like “Er, paiseh!”)

2. “I can’t sleep.”

Said by: J. M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan (How rich the irony!)

3. “I am about to — or I am going to — die: either expression is correct.”

Said by: Dominique Bouhours, famous French grammarian (Haha, a true-blue teacher to the very end!)

4. “Put out the bloody cigarette!!”

Said by: Saki, to a fellow officer while in a trench during World War One, for fear the smoke would give away their positions. He was then shot by a German sniper who had heard the remark. (I guess sometimes it’s just better to keep your mouth shut)

5. “Now, now, my good man, this is no time for making enemies.”

Said by: Voltaire when asked by a priest to renounce Satan. (At least, he still remains ‘diplomatic’, but in the wrong sense!)

6. “You have won, O Galilean!”

Said by: Emperor Julian, having attempted to reverse the official endorsement of Christianity by the Roman Empire. (I really love this one because the Galilean refers to Jesus Christ =)

7.”Only you have ever understood me … and you got it wrong.”

Said by: George Hegel, famous German philosopher to his favourite student (and leaving us now still to figure out what he means in all his books…)

8.”Either that wallpaper goes or I do.”

Said by: Oscar Wilde, referring to the walls of the French hotel where he eventually passed away (talk about sweating the small stuff!)

9.”They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist…”

Said by: General John Sedgwick while trying to encourage his troops during the US Civil War, seconds before he was shot by the enemy (well, apparently they could!)

10.”Don’t let it end like this. Tell them I said something.”

Said by: Pancho Villa, Mexican revolutionary (this is really sad…worst missed opportunity ever!)


~ by irwin on June 23, 2011.

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