Let’s draw beautiful people!

Recently, my niece has taken to drawing (or rather holding a huge crayon with her whole hand and moving it around the piece of paper in random circles and squiggly lines). So she keeps coming to me and asking me, “Kaofu, draw? Kaofu, draw!” Then when I sit down and draw with her, she takes her crayon and cancel over my drawings – be it a sun, birds, flowers or stick figures. Hmm, I think she’s trying to tell me something about the quality of my drawings! =( Well, since this is her new passion, I decided to improve my drawing skills so that I can draw nicer pictures for her. And interestingly when I was browsing in a bookstore the other day, I chanced upon this cute Japanese book entitled, ‘Let’s Draw Beautiful People’.

The book is really easy to follow, as it gives step-by-step, shape-by-shape instructions on how to draw different types of people. Like so:

So off I go for my self-taught art class! =)


~ by irwin on July 5, 2011.

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