Which is the top city to live in?

Incidentally, the feature article in this issue of my fav mag (Monocle) is about the Top 25 Liveable Cities in the World, according to its annual Quality of Life survey. And guess which city is 1st on the list? If you have read my previous post on education, you would have guessed it: Helsinki, Finland (Singapore is #15!)

In the article, it is stated that “while low crime, efficient transport, strong public services and a dash of good looks all count for a lot in our rankings, we also know that there are many other elements (non-scientific) that are important to the mix. Indeed, some of our favourite cities (London being a good example) don’t make the grade because they fall down in a number of areas despite the fact they have a natural swagger (Rome), a naughty edge (Seoul) or a nocturnal disposition (Bueno Aires).”

So what did this survey base its rating on? Three main considerations were in play, namely: opportunity, 24-hour metabolism (how easy is it to buy your groceries after 8pm?), and the fine balance between old-fashioned preservation and forward-thinking planning. And for all of that, Helsinki came up tops! (Despite the funny quote by Finnish architect Vesa Honkonen that “medium happiness is the highest level of Finnish happiness you can hope for.” =)

Time for a trip to Finland!

Sunrise in Helsinki


~ by irwin on July 6, 2011.

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