‘On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning’ by Haruki Murakami

It’s interesting how Facebook works these days. About 2 weeks ago, I put up a message on my FB page asking if anyone knows where I can get an old typewriter. Within minutes, there were a number of helpful suggestions sent my way by friends and friends of friends. But the most amazing message was from my best friend (now living in Vancouver), who told me that her mother saw my request via my friend’s FB page, and that her dad actually has been keeping a typewriter from his university days! And he’s been wanting to give it to someone who would appreciate it (and she has been wanting to give it to anyone regardless because it is taking up space in the house =) And so one fine day, I drove to their home and picked up this beautifully-kept vintage typewriter! And the funny thing is that it is in bright orange – just like my MINI! =) So I guess orange is my Colour of the Year. Here it is!

And this is what is typed on the brown piece of paper:

“They passed each other in the very center of the street. The faintest gleam of their lost memories glimmered for the briefest moment in their hearts. Each felt a rumbling in their chest. And they knew:

She is the 100% perfect girl for me.

He is the 100% perfect boy for me.

But the glow of their memories was far too weak, and their thoughts no longer had the clarity of fouteen years earlier. Without a word, they passed each other, disappearing into the crowd. Forever.

A sad story, don’t you think?

Yes, that’s it, that is what I should have said to her.”

“The Elephant Vanishes”, Haruki Murakami


~ by irwin on July 18, 2011.

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