Yesterday, my battery died

So yesterday morning, I got into my car, all set for my Monday gym session…and the car couldn’t start. As I tried to turn on the engine, I heard the dreaded sputtering sound. After trying for another 46 times and not succeeding, I decided to go buy a set of jumper cables (the fierce-but-cool-looking crocodile clips!), borrow another car, and jump-start my car battery. As I heard the engine roar (ok, not exactly roar) back to life, I quickly hopped into the driver’s seat to drive my car to my workshop to get a new battery. Now as I was driving the short distance to the workshop, it felt like the longest journey because all the time, I was afraid that the old battery would die on me again in the middle of the road. So with much ‘gan-chiong-ness’, I drove stealthily to the workshop. But the amazing thing was how God was even able to use a seemingly prosaic incident like this to remind me of Him. As I drove along, I kept being reminded of Pastor Ed’s sermon on Sunday of how we need to have a sense of urgency for world missions. What is needed (and lacking) is the ‘timeliness’ of our Christian lives, which have become “too tame, too same, too lame”. When we miss the urgent imperative of reaching the lost, we totally missed the heartbeat of God. For God Himself was the first missionary, who sent His only Son to earth for the greatest mission in all history.

All these years, I have always driven my car with the implicit knowledge that it will work. But what if, like yesterday, I drive my car knowing that its battery could die off anytime? Would I drive as subconsciously or with more intent and greater appreciation? If Jesus is returning anytime now (and we know He is), would we still sit around and make daisy chains in the midst of a dying world?


~ by irwin on July 26, 2011.

One Response to “Yesterday, my battery died”

  1. was blessed by your writing.

    thank you!


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