What is so wrong about spinning around the office on a scooter?

I have been conducting a series of lessons on the nature of our modern society, looking at such issues as individualism, consumerism and the ramifications of our fast-paced, high-tech lives among other things. One of the more fun aspects is on beauty and ageing, and while researching this, I came across a passage about an emerging social phenomenon of our times called ‘perpetual adolescence’. These are the adults who wage all-out assaults against long-standing notions of young and old, mature and immature; adults who are determined to remain young, energetic and flexible; adults who refuse to give up the toys they have never stopped loving. Perpetual adolescents see themselves as free-thinking romantics guided only by their child-like spirits, wanting to remain in a world that brims with qualities – wonder, adventure, make-believe – which are in woeful short supply in the adult world.

And indeed, the passage asks: what is so wrong about spinning around the office on a scooter, not making up one’s mind about what work one wants to do and being non-committal in one’s relationship? Of course there are consequences. If all these are done at the expense of responsibilities, then who will be left to get things done, ponder complicated questions and clean up the mess? Where once youth was seen as transient phase through which everyone soon passed and came out the other side, it is now a permanent condition. Most feel entitled to wait to get serious about life. Until then, one is feeling one’s way, still deciding, still shopping around…

P.S. Thankfully, being a Prince has no age limit. Just look at how old Prince Charles is! =P


~ by irwin on September 15, 2011.

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