Smart People Sleep…Late!

Sharing another interesting article I came across which contains one of the most controversial and significant recent findings is the correlation in humans between the earliness/lateness of sleep preferences and intelligence. New evidence confirms that, in humans, the timing of sleep reflects intelligence. People with higher IQs (intelligence quotients) tend to be more active nocturnally, going to bed later, whereas those with lower IQs usually retire to bed sooner after nightfall. (Read it here!)

What fascinates me is also what the article writes about how sleep parameters vary among animals. Cows, for instance, sleep open-eyed (I know some people like that! =) Horses sleep standing up. Some birds can sleep in flight (talk about multi-tasking!), others while standing. Dolphins sleep in one-half of their brain while the other half remains awake (hey, I sometimes experience this too…) Bats need 19.9 hours of sleep every 24 hours (slackers!), lions need 13.5, rats 13, cats 12.5, whales 5.3, deer 3.1, giraffes 1.9 (hardworking kind of guy), most birds three to eight and donkeys three.


~ by irwin on May 16, 2012.

One Response to “Smart People Sleep…Late!”

  1. lol..may be that is why i m smart.. šŸ˜€

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