Parking coupons go around and come around

Just the other day, I was at the petrol kiosk and the strangest thing happened. After paying for my petrol, I walked out of the Cheers shop and as I walked towards my car, I saw a complete stranger sitting in the driver seat of my car! He was a 50-plus year-old man and when I went up to him to gently ask what he was doing in my car, he looked a bit stunned. He then looked around and laughed and said that he got mixed up! He sheepishly got out and went back to his car (which was also a white car, which probably explained his confusion) Then, as I was about to drive off, I noticed that there was a new book of 50-cents parking coupon in my side compartment which wasn’t there earlier. Realizing that it was most likely purchased by the man earlier, I ran out of my car to return him his coupons. Thankfully, he hadn’t driven off yet!

I didn’t think much of the incident until something strange-r happened when I got home – there was a book of $2 parking coupons sitting on my desk! My dad then came into my room to tell me that the parking coupons were given to him by his friend who no longer needs them because he is not going to drive anymore. And so he is giving them to me. I just sat on my bed in amazement at the two unlikely events that just happened. How often do you get a stranger sitting in your car’s driver seat? How often do you get someone giving you a book of parking coupons out of nowhere? But of course, I know that it wasn’t out of nowhere. Because I believe that somehow God had transformed the book of 50-cents parking coupons that I had returned into a book of $2 parking coupons; that He had performed a simple miracle right under my nose, and using the most unlikely of stuff: parking coupons that go around and come around!


~ by irwin on February 28, 2013.

One Response to “Parking coupons go around and come around”

  1. Wow…. This really is an amazing chain of event…

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