God repairs windscreens!

“Piak!” – the dreaded sound when a stone hits your car’s windscreen.

That was what happened when I was driving to church this morning. As I was happily driving along the KJE to serve in Holy Communion for the very first time and thinking of what I need to do, where I need to stand etc, I heard it unmistakeably loud and clear- “Piak!” Immediately my eyes scanned across the span of my windscreen and there it was: right smack in the middle of the windscreen was what seemed like a small but obvious crack where a stone had hit it.

Now, I have heard enough horror stories of how a little crack on the windscreen can lead to disastrous situations where the small little innocent crack spreads and spreads, and slowly but surely your whole windscreen soon disintegrates and all you are left with are shattered pieces of glass. So as my panicky mind raced to thinking how I can repair it, how much I would need to pay, if I could claim insurance, how long does it take to repair a windscreen, I heard a devilish little voice say to me, “See, if you hadn’t driven to church to serve in Holy Communion today, this wouldn’t have happened!” But when I heard that, I knew it was a lie and I had to reject it. And interestingly right after I rejected those words, I wondered aloud, can God repair windscreens?

screen chips

After the dreary drive, I finally parked and quickly jumped out of my car to check the crack on the windscreen. Yup, it certainly looked and felt like a crack as I touched it. In some crazy way, I tried to scratched it off with my fingers (what was I thinking right? scratching a crack away??), and of course nothing happened. But then something miraculous happened. I decided to take a piece of wet tissue and try to rub over the crack and lo and behold, the crack disappeared! When I told my friends, they said the crack was probably a scratch, but no matter, I choose to believe that God has repaired my windscreen! =)



~ by irwin on March 3, 2013.

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